samedi 1 décembre 2007

Happy Birthday German ;) - 01/12/07

Surpriseeeee :D! Three people in the dark at midnight... to wish him a Happy Birthday !! Okay we can't see it in the video but when he opened the dooooorr (lol) he was so surprised that he bursts into crying !! Yes you have some friends German !! No I'm kidding =). Advise : if you don't have any birthday cake, just take a box of cereals, make some holes with a pair of scissors and then put some candles in it and it will be fine :D!

I wrote this post in english so the numerous international friends of German can understand as well :D! Just to precise that he thought about someone else by looking at the picture! We should have put her picture instead but we don't have it... YET... loool ;)

By the way, please don't make fun of us when we sang the birthday song 'cause we did'nt perform it at the karaoke so it was a little out of tune :D! In french : Joyeux Anniversaire ;)

What is that ?? - 30/11/07

Another Thanksgiving Dinner - 23/11/07

Direct après la nuit blanche, un petit repas de thanksgiving pour reprendre de l'énergie ! Ca c'est un repas classik avec de la dinde, des haricots, du pain, des carottes (sucrées :D) la pumpkin pie, l'apple pie, le cidre... (j'aurai du poster ce message une semaine plus tôt je sais lol)