lundi 24 septembre 2007

New Season. New Stories. - 24/09/07

Heroes Season 2 ce soir :D Oh oh trop biennn on pourra voir tout les épisodes avant tout le monde ! Au passage c'est l'anniversaire à Mat !! Joyeux Anniversaire !!! (un épisode de heroes en cadeau :D)

Transformers in IMAX - 22/09/07

As it is said : you haven't seen it all until you've seen it in IMAX ;) !
It was a good movie! Of course the story is not sophisticated but it's more for the visual effects :D and besides it was quite funny we did'nt expect that =)

For German ;) - 22/09/07

LOL this is an advertisement that we saw in a bus in the direction of the navy pier. German was looking at it and suddently asked me : Hey, does she remind you of a girl we know ?? :D
He was thinking about ..... ???